Pure Heart Essentials is the passion project of Debbie Schinzel, Registered Reflexologist and Tao Shiatsu Practitioner based in Ottawa, Ontario. A faithful believer in a holistic way of living, Debbie began to understand the damaging effects that conventional, chemical-laden skincare products have on our hormonal system and overall health.

 As her daughter developed hormonal issues at an early age, she was inspired to create products that nourish our bodies and support natural hormonal function. Above all, she wanted to make a difference in her family’s health. When word spread about the amazing skincare products Debbie was whipping up in her kitchen, the idea for Pure Heart Essentials was born.

The mission of Pure Heart Essentials is to provide all-natural and effective skincare, body care and cosmetic products that are free of harmful parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial scents, colours and petrochemicals. All of the ingredients in every product have been researched at great lengths to ensure they are the safest possible and purest on the market.  Debbie has furthered her studies and completed her diploma in botanical skincare formulation and hair care formulation. Debbie combines he knowledge of science and natural ingredients when formulating her products.  Each product is formulated based on function.

With Debbie’s homemade touch, you can trust that Pure Heart Essentials products are made with impeccably clean and luxurious all-natural ingredients that will leave your skin healthy and luminous.