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Founder & CEO, Debbie Schinzel

How it all started...
Shiatsu Practitioner Turned Natural Skincare Formulator and Founder

While working in clinics as a Shiatsu Practitioner, I was privileged to work with knowledgeable health practitioners who increased my knowledge of skincare ingredients and how unnatural ingredients affect our endocrine system. Our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs the ingredients we apply to it.

One of my daughters has had endocrine issues since she was 3 years old and was now in her 20’s. In 2013 there were not many natural skincare products on the market so I took matters into my own hands and studied skincare formulation. Pure Heart Essentials was created as a need for me and my family and has grown thanks to your support and belief in natural products.

*'Shiatsu' means 'finger pressure', and is a form of therapeutic massage from Japan that works on the mind, body and energy.

Pure ingredients for Essential skincare made with a Pure Heart

The brand started as Pure Heart Shiatsu...but as it became more popular I needed to break away from I thought of ‘Essentials’ because I have all the essential skincare someone would need. I chose Pure Heart to highlight my intentions.

Award Winning

Pure Heart Essentials Inc. is certified by Leaping Bunny as a cruelty free company. Our products are CertClean Certified.
Pure Heart Essentials awards include;

  • Shampoo Bar - 2021 Eco-Excellence Award, WINNER
  • Shower Steamer - 2021 Eco-Excellence Award, FINALIST
  • Beard Oil - 2021 CertCLEAN Award, 2nd Place
  • Espresso Bar - 2022 CertCLEAN Award, 2nd Place
  • Lip Balm- 2022 CertCLEAN Award, 2nd Place

What Debbie wants to be known for...

"We have built a brand that people can trust! A brand that everyone can use to meet their skincare needs from head2toe, treat their skin issues, and indulge in."

Debbie Schinzel - Founder & CEO
Pure Heart Essentials