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Our Shampoo Soaps are made specifically for each hair type (dry, normal or oily hair). Our dry hair shampoo bar contains pumpkin puree to help moisturize your hair and is coconut oil free.  Oily shampoo contains more clay to remove excess oil and our normal shampoo contains oils of jojoba and perilla.  Hairs feels light with no heavy residue and easy to comb out.  Our soaps are palm oil free and contains high quality essential oils. 

Dry Hair Shampoo Bar  - essential oils of rosemary & lemongrass

Normal Hair Shampoo Bar  - essential oils of lavender & mint

Oily Hair Shampoo Soap Bar - essential oils of eucalyptus & tea tree oil.

Feel free to contact me for additional information or questions.

We love all animals and would never test on them. This product is paraben free, vegan, gluten free and petro-chemical free.

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